A brief and helpful guide to lighting ideas for your garden

Do you have to install lighting in the backyard? If the answer is yes then there is nothing to worry as it is one of the easier tasks than what people usually think it to be. You may own a tiny urban courtyard or a sprawling country estate, actually no space is small enough to illuminate. With creative ideas and little effort it is even possible to adorn a window box or a porch with perfectly placed spotlights.

Innovative lighting ideas for the backyard help create a warm ambience while lighting pathways and making dark alleys and corners feel safe and friendly. Such lighting ideas also help turning a backyard into a living area after dusk sets in. In other words there is no way to make your way indoors once the dusk takes over and there is no more need to pack up the outdoor furniture once the month of August passes by. Rather you work harder on decking up the backyard with clever lighting ideas yearlong. 

Outdoor lighting ideas are really flexible, it allows you to include just anything ranging from colours and beams to innovative solar garden lighting ideas. These days there is also the option of “state of the art” electronic systems. But considering the wider range of options that is available it is easy to get swayed. Rather consult a skilled and experienced garden designer and workout a lighting plan that does both – goes in sync with your garden ideas and also provides practical solutions to your unique requirements. As an alternative way out it is even alright to select only a few highlight features all across the yard and maintain a simplistic decking up of the space suggests an expert who deals with garden light installation in London over the years.   

Installing lighting in the backyard

There exist various ways or approaches to install lighting in the backyard. The approach that you should take depends upon the type of lights you want to install. Different types of lights for the backyard are to be installed differently. Even the shape and size of your backyard or garden is to be taken into consideration in these matters. 

Pool lights, ambience lights for the outdoors and flood lights

In most cases the task of installing new permanent outdoor ambience lights or floodlights falls upon a licensed electrician. This task involves installing new power supply to the exterior of a home or property. The same is applicable to installing pool lightings; actually with this kind of lighting it is important to ensure that the lights are safe and the installation has been done according to the local codes.    

It is important to note that installing lights on the exterior walls of your home is a much easier task to handle. Provided you have firsthand experience in performing basic electrical works you can accomplish this task yourself without hiring a professional electrician. The comparatively simple task involves running connection from an existing outlet or maybe from the circuit installed in the garage to the new light outdoors. As a precautionary measure you must disconnect power supply to the circuit before starting on your DIY mission.

Installing lights for outdoor paths and landscapes

There are also scopes for installing complex lighting options in the backyard and for that you have to hire either a competent lighting designer or a landscape architect. You may also require illuminate your patio or want to light up the trees in your backyard, A lot people are also interested in deck lighting ideas. According to garden lighting specialists near me in London all these requirements and features should better be discussed broadly before starting on your lighting project. The discussion along with free flowing of expectations is necessary beforehand because all these requirements will need running of electric cables underneath the ground or stonework on your backyard. 

However, if you plan installing those simple, low voltage lighting around your patio or along a pathway that you can do yourself DIY without involving a professional electrician. Perhaps you may require doing little research before your effort bears fruits. There is a crucial step involved in this low voltage lighting installation project that you should not forget under any circumstance. Dig a shallow trench along the pathway where the wiring for the lights will run and before digging the trench you must check your local codes. Usually it is needed that wires be buried at least 6 inches deep inside the ground. 

Once your trench is ready it is time to place the lights into the ground and bury the wiring underneath. You have to power the lights and for that you need installing a low voltage transformer. According to garden lighting experts in London this low voltage transformer needs to be connected to the main power supply. In the last step you need connecting the wiring of the lights into that low voltage transformer system. 

Illuminating a backyard – few ideas

It is a good approach to avoid lighting that is too harsh. Moreover it is a good idea to keep the source of light hidden from easy view. In almost every effective garden lighting design you will notice the lighting looks almost invisible and that makes a space inviting and cosy. You can go for combination of lighting using mini floodlights to make the lower foliage visible. To illuminate taller shrubs and trees with multiple stems consider using a narrow spotlight beam. 

It is important to select the spots carefully where you want your lightings to be placed. It is a sound idea to light a tree from downward. On the other hand when you are dealing with down-lighting you should make sure that the beam that casts downward is soft and soothing. It is also important to avoid a glare down on to the ground and thus always place your lights very high up in a tree. The minimum height for this should be 5 meters under any circumstance. 

The lighting can be as simple or as sophisticated as you desire but you must always try to think unusual options says a professional lighting expert working at the widely trusted Electric Works London. While lighting a pool you may consider using a projector while illuminating a flight of steps coloured lanterns can be an excellent option. 

Do you have to install lighting in the backyard? If the answer is yes then there is nothing to worry as it is one of the easier tasks than what people usually think it to be. You may own a tiny urban courtyard or a sprawling country estate, actually no space is small enough to…